My First Contact


It had been almost a month since I got my first HF radio. After a lot of research and learning, today I finally got my first antenna setup. It’s a 40m inverted-vee hung from a tree branch about 20’ in the air.


It took about 5 round-trips between the radio and the backyard, but the SWR meter was finally showing a good match at 7.15MHz. I decided to try for a signal test, being very new to HF and not totally sure of the protocal, I keyed up the mic and just said “This is KM4FPA testing”.


My first reaction when W4ZVB (Harold) responded was complete surprise. I almost couldn’t believe someone was responding to my very first transmission!


The QSO was fairly brief, but not as brief as a contest contact. I told him he was my first and he asked what antenna I’d setup. He told me that he’d been spending the day with his grandkids. I gave my thanks for responding and bid him 73, and that was about that.