My First 2M Simplex Contact


146.420MHz using 2m/70cm ground-plane


I have a local friend who’s not a ham (yet), but is into technology so I gave him an HT to see if he could hear me from his house (please note, he was not transmitting since he did not have a license). I was on frequency and saying my callsign and he was texting me whether he hear it or not.


All of a sudden KZ4USA (Jack) responded to me. I had never made a simplex contact on 2m, and was more than surprised that someone was listening, especially to the non-calling frequency. It turns out him and a few of his friends use 146.420 to chat from time to time. He told me about his lot and that surplus military telephone wire was a good buy for making HF antennas; he’d had good experience building a few yagi’s with it. We talked for a few minutes then I had to go since a local net was starting and my friend was still waiting on the phone for me.