Hello World

I am Kevin Ashcraft, a ham radio operator located in Auburndale Florida.

My Station

My primary radio is an Icom 7100, connected to a dipole and a ground-plane antenna.
There's also a Raspberry Pi, hooked-up to the USB port, used for digital work.



I'm a proud member of the ARRL.


Every Tuesday I run the EagleNet on NI4CE. The EagleNet is a National Traffic System (NTS) Net and is the first real thing I got involved with on the radio. It runs every day at 8:30pm here in Central Florida.

Every third Tuesday I run the SKYWARN net from the National Weather Service Center in Ruskin, FL.

Recently, I've also been checking into the Florida Phone Traffic Net (FPTN) which is another part of the NTS.


I'd like to become an Official Relay Station. Recently I've started passing Radiograms with a couple of stations I met on /r/amateurradio/ to practice handling formal traffic and to give the NTS some activity (the local net was always quiet and it's nice to actually have some outbound/inbound messages).

Digital Modes have always been interesting and enigmatic, but last week (04-18-2016) I made my first contact thanks to KM4EPR. PSK31 was much nicer than I expected! I'd like to further this on and make more digital contacts and get involved with WSPRNet.

In Florida, Hurricane Season's just around the corner and having a reliable station is important. Because of this, and since it's just seems really cool, I want to setup a solar panel and battery so that my radio can be on 24/7 without a dependancy on the power grid (and without the noisy MFJ power supply).

Recent QSO's

Recent Projects